Flips a lighting Device by 180 degrees. The exact Criteria of which Lighting Devices are affected can be chosen from a range of criteria such as:

‘By Symbol Name’ – Flips all units with a certain phrase in their symbol name e.g any symbol containing “(floor)” in the name

‘By Layer’  – Flips all units on a user determined layer

‘By Selected’  – Flips selected units only

Author: Tom Bexon

Category: Plugins

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TruckPack is a series of tools that assist the user in drawing out their Truck Packs. The aim of this is both to ascertain whether the required will fit in the available space, but also to work out the easiest and most efficient pack BEFORE you’re actually having to load it!

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Position Notes that integrates into SpotLight Hanging Positions to extract data to calculate Lx Weight, including an allowance for cable. The colour and Direction of arrow can be changed from the OIP menu,and the Note will automatically update to reflect.

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Used to clearly display your cable looms on a plot. The colour and type of loom can be changed from the OIP menu, and the loom will automatically update to reflect.

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